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superb body art and tattoos designed by By Wesley Hardy giving pleasure and pride to those who love tattoos. and helping develop art on the arms, legs and back.

If you are looking for a superb tattoo or piercing in Durrington, >the best tattoo parlour is . Wes Hardy’s WH Ink Studio

A really nice tattoo is
  1. hygienic and safe
  2. artistic
  3. applied with needles
  4. safe
  5. can can be removed
Wes Hardy developed his creative tattooing skills in art, painting and design as an ever-increasing and consuming passion. However the tattoo culture becoming increasingly acceptable as body art in society. Tattoos began to appear in the media - film stars, footballers (and their wives!) began to show that expression through the tattoo was more than just a fad. Wes realised that at last, this was where he could apply his creative and artistic talents to the full. It was tattooing had found Wes rather than him finding tattooing! Wes is now recognised at one of the leading tattooists in Salisbury and is very professional and friendly.

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We also provide an expert and hygenic ear-piercing service at very competitive prices.

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